Expertise and Thought Leadership

Estafet is a Red Hat Premier Partner. We are OpenShift Experts and are regarded as the leading UK specialist OpenShift Delivery Partner.

Estafet builds customer agility, helping get ideas live quickly and safely. We do this this through fast, automated delivery pipelines, scalable cloud platforms, and effective monitoring. We built OpenShift Boost to accelerate our own teams. Now we’re making it available to everyone so that you can deliver high quality services quickly and cheaply.

Our Customers use us for

  • UK Onsite and Nearshore Development

  • Scaling Delivery teams

  • Expert and experienced specialist Red Hat QA’s

  • Red Hat Installation – Private Cloud

  • Legacy to Cloud Migration using OpenShift

  • OpenShift Pilots and POCs

  • DevOps Experts using OpenShift

  • Red Hat Expert Consultancy

  • Integration Managed Services with OpenShift



OpenShift delivers secure and efficient management of containers, but that’s only half the story. Every project we’ve done also had to select tools, build a delivery process, script environments, link into JIRA, monitor, and implement deployment strategies. 

With Boost, you start with everything you need in place including  worked examples so your teams learn and follow best practice. Including:

  1. Setup of OpenShift using Boost either on-prem or in a cloud. 

  2. Scripted install of environments (use our vanilla install and we’ll show you how to customise).

  3. Out-of-the-box DevOps pipeline through all environments to Live

  4. Demo of how tools integrate to deliver tested, containerised microservices.

  5. Timeboxed evaluation of any existing code you want to bring into to this new DevOps pipeline.

We will establish mature DevOps in your organisation in 6 weeks



Kubernetes distributions like OpenShift have all the capabilities you need to build efficient DevOps in your organisation; however they don’t tell you how to do it. This is important, because we see large organisations (with mature processes) who’ve adopted this tech still only releasing every 3-4 months with lots of friction along the way.

We’ve gone back to basics, looked at each step in the software value chain and eliminated friction wherever we found it. If you want your delivery teams to be efficient, they shouldn’t be fixing broken environments, working out what’s running where, conducting manual tests, or trying to deploying to live at weekends. 

BOOST gives you not only leading opensource tools (e.g. Ansible roles so you can create environments quickly), but also a way of working that helps everyone deliver value quickly. This means you can:

  • Easily customise pipelines, environments and quality gates for each product

  • Gain insight into delivery: our UI tracks and promote entire user stories from Dev to Live

  • Deploy to live multiple times a day (with Blue/Green deployment)